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A concierge membership with VIP Services Bahamas is ideal if you are looking for a highly personal service with one-to-one access to your own personal concierge.

We offer every single client his or her own personal concierge to contact directly for all requests. We do not have a general number or an impersonal call center set-up to deal with requests; you are given a direct email and mobile number to contact your personal concierge directly with your concierge membership.

Whether related to planning a holiday, booking a restaurant, securing tickets to an event or any other request, you have the peace of mind that your own personal concierge will take care of everything for you.

Contact us and you will receive a highly tailored service that is proactive and sympathetic to your lifestyle.

Our Service Promise

VIP Services Bahamas promises to always guaranty consistent and exceptional Member Experiences throughout your membership.

Please find below our VIP Services Bahamas Lifestyle Service Promise

VIP Service Bahamas Lifestyle is committed to delivering, exceptional service experience always ensuring your contact with our Lifestyle Managers.

The Lifestyle Management Team will be available ‘around the clock’ providing you with instant access to knowledgeable, fully trained staff, who are committed to delivering excellent service to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year depending on membership package.

  • Your manager will provide you with honest, courteous, friendly, and professional service.
  • Your Lifestyle Manager will be trained and experienced.
  • Your Lifestyle Manager will demonstrate an interest in your life and lifestyle.
  • Your Lifestyle Manager will value you as a client.
  • Your Lifestyle Manager will provide request updates as per the timelines agreed upon between you.
  • Your Lifestyle Manager will be fully trained, experienced and will ask relevant and detailed questions at the point of initial discussion according to the nature of your request.
  • Your Lifestyle Manager will manage and fulfill your request with the utmost sensitivity, discretion, and confidentiality, as well as always observing cultural considerations and awareness.

We will thoroughly investigate all complaints and update you regularly on progress until the complaint is resolved.


We understand that everyone is different, so we have designed our membership around your needs. Whether you use our services for business or leisure, daily tasks, or one-off special occasions, we have a solution for you.
We have three simple, membership options…

From 20 hours per month @$80.00
$1,600 per month

From 40 hours per month @80.00
$3,200 per month

From 60 hours per month $80.00
$4,800 per month

$90 p/h


Visa or MasterCard

We know how you roll.
The close, personal relationships we build with our members means their tastes and appetites, preferences and choices are expertly catered for. This means we can make informed suggestions and choices on their behalf.
We only make one thing happen for our members… everything!

Business relationship, flourished to last.

Our reputation is not limited to having one of the best ‘Little Black Book’ of contacts in The Bahamas, but also our ability to discretely and efficiently deal with complex situations related to client’s personal affairs is second to none. We are known for having an attentive and relationship-based approach, an original way of thinking and offering a very personal and swift service.

We sincerely represent your best interests and negotiate the most favorable terms and rates on your behalf. We work with leading professionals and always guarantee outstanding quality service. Once you become a Member with VIP Services Bahamas, you can relax knowing that our commitment to you is unrivalled and that your personal matters are looked after and managed to the highest standards. Our aim is to get to know your preferences inside-out and build a long lasting and flourishing business relationship with you.

Each one of our itineraries is tailor made to you. We treat all clients as individuals and understand each has an entirely different set of expectations and requirements. VIP Services Bahamas team works closely with you as your personal concierge to ensure that we deliver the most unforgettable experience, no matter the size of the request.

Our consultants create bespoke itineraries to the world’s most discerning clients. These customized, independent journeys—for individuals, couples, or groups of any size—are all-encompassing and include transportation, exceptional accommodations, VIP experiences, savvy local guides, gratuities, unparalleled dining experiences, transfers, and end-to-end service.